• 16 Jul, 2024

Network Marketing Software - FinoForce

Network Marketing Software - FinoForce

FinoForce provides advanced network marketing software solutions to help you streamline and scale your business. The Binary Compensation Plan is the most popular, reliable, and highly profitable plan for users and owners in the MLM software industry...

 FinoForce is one of the top MLM software companies in India that offers affordable binary plans for MLM companies. In this plan, each level-one member.

The level is split into two legsright and left. Each leg is then branched into two more networks or legs, continuing similarly. If a member recruits more than two distributors, the new joiner will be added to the next available leg. The process is called spillover, and the leg is termed the power leg. The compensation of the new members will be shared among the entire power leg, irrespective of who recruits them. The leg with more members is called the Power Leg, and the leg with fewer distributors is the Weaker Leg.

In the Binary MLM software compensation plan, the commission is determined based on the points earned by the Weaker Leg. The compensation is not calculated based on the number of levels but on the total points earned. Therefore, if the Weaker Leg earns 1000 points and the Power Leg earns 2000 points, the commission will be 10% of 1000 points, distributed among all the sponsors equally. To ensure your sponsors are active and motivated to earn more points, we can customize the Binary MLM software that works on your own rules. It also enables changing or modifying the existing plan based on company bonus and income rules. For instance, to inspire the Power Leg sponsors to stay active, you can create a Pairing Bonus. You can also create a Referral Bonus, Spill Network Income, Royalty Income, Matching Bonus, and other incomes and bonuses with our Binary MLM software application.

Website URL: https://www.finoforce.com/binary-compensation-plan.php