• 31 May, 2024

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake, Thе World First Gold Hotel

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake, Thе World First Gold Hotel

In the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam, a shimmering marvel of opulence and luxury stands tall, captivating visitors from around the globe. The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel, often dubbed the “World’s First Gold Hotel,”.....

The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel, often dubbed the “World’s First Gold Hotel,” is a dazzling masterpiece that redefines the meaning of extravagance and elegance. As you step into this gilded paradise, you are transported into a realm of unparalleled luxury.

The Gold-Plated Marvel

What sets the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake apart from any other hotel on the planet is its astounding use of gold. Yes, you read that right – this remarkable establishment is adorned with thousands of square meters of 24-carat gold leaf, from the lobby to the guest rooms, creating an ambiance that is nothing short of magical.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a grand entrance featuring massive gold-plated dragon sculptures, a symbol of power and good fortune in Vietnamese culture. The lobby, with its gold-coated walls and crystal chandeliers, bathes visitors in a warm, golden glow that’s both mesmerizing and enchanting.

Luxury Accommodations

The guest rooms at Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake are nothing less than royal chambers. Each room is lavishly decorated with gold accents, including gold-plated furniture, fixtures, and even gold-infused bathtubs. The beds are adorned with golden silk sheets, ensuring that guests experience the ultimate in comfort and indulgence.

Fine Dining and Culinary Delights

The hotel boasts an array of world-class dining options, where guests can savor the finest Vietnamese and international cuisine. The Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience, with dishes prepared by master chefs who use the freshest ingredients to create culinary masterpieces.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the rooftop bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while taking in panoramic views of Hanoi’s picturesque skyline. The entire setting is designed to offer a sense of grandeur and exclusivity, making it an ideal destination for special occasions.

The Infinity Pool

One of the most iconic features of this golden wonderland is the rooftop infinity pool. This stunning pool offers a breathtaking view of Hanoi and is surrounded by a gold-plated mosaic, creating an ethereal and almost surreal experience for swimmers.

A Glimpse of Vietnam’s Rich Culture

While the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake is an ode to luxury and extravagance, it also pays homage to Vietnam’s rich culture and history. Guests can explore the nearby attractions, including the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the vibrant street markets, to get a taste of the local way of life.