• 31 May, 2024

Big Brother UK 2023 - Excitement Builds as New Contestants Enter the House

Big Brother UK 2023 - Excitement Builds as New Contestants Enter the House

The quite anticipated Big Brother UK 2023 has kicked off with a bang! Hosted by using AJ Odudu and Will Best, the trendy season welcomed 16 numerous contestants into the long-lasting Big Brother house....

 Among them are Welsh bingo caller Jenkin, DJ and amputee Dylan, a Mancunian version, and an NHS manager from Essex. But the jovial surroundings took a pointy turn whilst a sport of Pass the Parcel .

Big Brother’s Evolution: From Channel 4 to ITV Big Brother to begin with soared to reputation whilst it debuted on Channel four in 2000, hosted with the aid of the irrepressible Davina McCall. It later moved to Channel five, however in 2018, the community decided to discontinue the display. However, ITV, inspired by the fulfillment of Love Island, obtained the rights and relaunched Big Brother, describing this new release as a “refreshed, cutting-edge new collection.”

The Game Begins: Over a Dozen Strangers in One House Now, the actual amusing begins as over a dozen strangers coexist beneath the watchful eye of Big Brother for the subsequent six weeks. Expect exciting house demanding situations, live evictions, and a heap of interpersonal drama because the contestants vie for the grand prize.

Early Drama: Olivia and Jenkin Clash The drama didn’t waste any time as Olivia located herself at odds with 25-12 months-antique Jenkin after the release night festivities. A reputedly innocent remark from Jenkin approximately not having “gelled” with the Glaswegian dancer inadvertently led to Olivia turning into the primary individual up for eviction. This incident ended in some heated exchanges, giving us our first Diary Room rant of the season!

How to watch Big Brother UK 2023 Online in the UK Big Brother UK Season 20 premiered to UK viewers on Saturday, October 8, and aired on ITV1, ITV2, and streaming service ITVX at 9pm BST. It can now be viewed on demand through ITVX. The new episodes will air on ITV2 at 6pm daily, Sunday to Friday, with no Sunday screenings. There will be about 36 episodes this season, which will be followed by the hour-long companion series, Big Brother: Late and Live .

ITV2 is free to air in the UK and requires a TV license to watch live. But recording TV can be accessed on ITVX without a TV licence. Signing up for an ITVX account is free, all you need is an email address and a UK postcode.

How to Watch Big Brother UK 2023 Online from Anywhere If you’re a UK citizen traveling abroad, you can still enjoy Big Brother UK Season 20 just like at home. Although ITVX is restricted to UK IP addresses, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help access streaming services from anywhere in the world. For example, UK citizens in the US. will be able to subscribe to a VPN, connect to a UK-based server, and watch ITVX content on the way back home.

Can you watch Big Brother UK Season 20 in the US? Unfortunately, plans for Big Brother UK Season 20 to air have not been confirmed for the US. any network. This is likely due to the success of CBS’ long-running Big Brother franchise, which now has 25 seasons

However, UK citizens in the US. can simultaneously watch UK news using a VPN.

Can you watch Big Brother UK Season 20 online in Australia or Canada? Australian viewers won’t have the chance to watch Big Brother UK Season 20, but they do have their own version of the show, currently in its fifteenth season, airing on the Seven network from November 2023. None, however confirming that Big Brother Brother UK 2023 will air in Canada, which also has its own success story of the franchise.

But Brits in Australia or Canada can use a VPN to access UK services and watch Big Brother simultaneously with the UK.

What to expect from Big Brother UK 2023 This season promises plenty of excitement, with daily episodes (except Sunday) at 9pm BST and a new late-night show exclusively on ITVX. There will be 36 in total, ending Friday, November 17th.

Their first homes are scheduled to be evicted on Friday, October 13, so get ready for some nail-biting time.

AJ Odudu and Will Best will share hosting duties on Big Brother UK Season 20, and its companion show, Big Brother: Late and Live.

BACKGROUND: NEW HOUSE A brand new, modern house has been built especially for this year’s show. The house is located in Garden Studios in north London, known as “the biggest film studio in central London”.

Marcus Bentley returns Big Brother’s wonderful Geordie voice Marcus Bentley returns to narrate the show, delivering his signature charm and commentary

Big Brother: Late & Live Immediately following each main show episode, viewers can catch Big Brother: Late & Live on ITV2. This companion series will provide the latest updates, insights from special guests, and interviews with recently evicted contestants.

After-Hours Live Stream For the ultimate Big Brother experience, ITVX offers an exclusive live stream of the housemates into the early hours of the morning following the Big Brother: Late & Live show.

Stay tuned for all the drama, excitement, and unexpected twists as Big Brother UK 2023 unfolds!